Part 1: The Collapse of the Church Culture


Part 1: The Collapse of the Church Culture. By Maurice … traveled the four corners of this country, I have … … the imminent demise and the collapse of the unique culture in

Part 1: The Collapse of the Church Culture.
By Maurice Goulet

Having traveled the four corners of this church near me country,Guest Posting I have witnessed firsthand, the imminent demise and the collapse of the unique culture in North America that has come to be called church. This church culture has become confused with biblical Christianity, both inside the church and out. A growing number of people are leaving the institutional church for a new reason. They are not leaving because they have lost faith. They are leaving the church to preserve their faith. Not only do we not need God to explain the universe, we don’t need Jesus Christ to operate the church. It’s written in the word that in the last days of this age Christ is outside of the Church knocking and looking for anyone who is willing to let him in. Many operate like giant machines, with church leaders serving as mechanics. The Lord doesn’t have to show up to get done what’s being done. People no longer want the powerless God of the modern church.

Some are asking, how Do We Do Church Better? All the effort to fix the church misses the point. You can build the perfect church and they still won’t come. People are not looking for a great church. Most of the growth of mega churches represents people transferring from small fishing boats to cruise ships. The real question should be, how Do We Deconvert from Churchianity to Christianity?

I have observed that there is a spiritual awakening occurring in America. However, it is not informed by Christian theology, and it’s not happening in the church. God is pulling end runs around the institutional North American church to get to people in the streets. God is still inviting us to join him on this quest, but it is the invitation to be part of a movement, not a religious club.

The Church Growth Movement that began in the 1970’s had both some things that were right and some things that were wrong. Here’s one of the wrong things: Unfortunately, it fell victim to an idol as old as the Tower of Babel, the belief that we are the architects of the work of Christ. As a result, we have the best churches men can build, but are still waiting for the church that only Jesus Christ can get credit for. I say this because I hear the wrong question asked frequently. How Do We Grow This Church? How Do We Get Them to Come to Us?

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